The Maldivian Marathon National Champion Shifaz Mohamed breaks Maldives national record for the fourth time in his career with a timing of 2h 32’ 56” at Dubai Marathon 2019, event held on Friday 25th January.

The Maldivian champion is part of the Maldives National Defence Force and has been the Maldives national record holder since 2017, when his marathon PB was 2h40’47”. Shifaz has constantly improved his marathon timing over the last two years until setting his best time so far at Dubai Marathon 2019.

When the athlete joined The Heart of Kenyan Running training camp in Iten (Kenya) at the end of November 2018, his marathon PB was 2h 35’ 17”, set at Gold Coast Marathon in July 2018.

Shifaz’s stay in Iten during the 2 months before Dubai Marathon was possible thanks to the great support and generosity of Shifaz’s friends, Niusha Fathmath and her husband Shaaheen Hameed from Maldives.

The athlete’s training program was directed and organised by Head Coach Timo Limo, who followed the runner day by day until the race event. The weekly workouts routine was hard and special, specifically designed for the runner’s level and for his personal needs. At The Heart of Kenyan Running we wanted to give Shifaz all the best of Kenyan coaching and marathon training in the Home of Champions. Head Coach Timo Limo did an amazing job, as well as Shifaz proved to be a hard working athlete very determined to succeed. The relationship between the Coach and his runner was immediately based on mutual trust, which set an ideal background for carrying out all the work to be done targeting Shifaz’s new PB and NR. Our wamest congratulations to them both !!


Shifaz: “Thank you so much The Heart of Kenyan Running and Head Coach Timo Limo and Chiara, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without your training and support!”

Timo Limo: “Congratulations, finally a national record and a personal best for Shifaz Mohamed from Maldives. Shifaz’s preparation was achieved in only a span of two months: at The Heart of Kenyan Running training camps we don’t gamble, we deliver. Always work to your best, believe in your abilities, your day is coming.”

This is just the beginning of a very promising beautiful story of Shifaz’s future in the athletics professional field. During his stay in Iten, the runner has definitely proved to have a great potential to grow, which may entitle him to a shining sports career ahead.