“We intentionally founded a proper company, not a charity: our ultimate aim is to create job opportunity for the locals living in Iten area.”


How The Heart of Kenyan Running was born

In March 2017 Chiara went back to Kenya for the first time alone after the loss of Lokomwa.

“I was still going through a lot of pain and a very difficult time after my partner’s death. But my love for Kenya brought me there again. After six months after the tragic event, I simply felt that I needed to spend some time in that country which had become my second home place. Since I was travelling alone I decided to stay in Iten, at Lornah Kiplagat’s High Altitude Training Centre, where training camps for foreign runners were regularly organised.

That is when I met for the first time Timothy Limo, élite runner and head coach at the Lornah Kiplagat Sports Academy. During my first stay at the HATC I had the chance to appreciate Timo’s great work both as athlete and as a coach. Watching how easily he could immediately relate to people from all over the world, overcoming any cultural difference, and how naturally he was able to coach and motivate the athletes who are training with him, I thought that he was born with the talent of being a leader.

After my stay in March 2017 I came back to Iten other times: I must be grateful to Timo, who pushed me to work on a project dedicated to the Kenyan runners and to the locals in Iten, with the aim of making a positive social impact on the local area through running.”


The ultimate aim of The Heart of Kenyan Running

The ultimate aim of The Heart of Kenyan Running is in fact to create job opportunity to the locals, to show them that through work and commitment they can rise up from their hardships and poor conditions of living.


We are a proper company, not a charity

We intentionally didn't want to found a charity or a NGO but a proper company to start making a change in the perception of life of the Kenyan runners who will work with us.

They are not poorer than people living in the western countries, they have talents which they must develop and let blossom in order to make wise use of them. The way we think always affects the way we live. It is by making small changes to our everyday routine that we can achieve success.

If they keep thinking that they need help from someone else they put themselves in a condition to be exploited.

If they start thinking that they have all means and qualities to succeed they will fight for their goals, relying on their own strengths.

That’s why we want to give them a job, not financial assistance, we would like to show them that they all have means to rise up from poverty, in fact they will do it in a very respectable way ."


For our guests: a journey straight to the heart of Kenya for a life changing experience

We would like all participants to our running camps to have the experience of their lifetime: they will be taken really into the real and true HEART of running, which may have an impact on their perception of life, for making positive change once they are back to their countries of origin.


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