Wong is The Heart of Kenyan Running’s agent in Hong Kong, C.E.O. of  his own company ATP SPORTS Ltd, which provides high quality coaching services to amateur and professional runners.

Wong is a sports coach, organiser of overseas training camp and races. He is the founder of his own company ATP Sports Ltd.

At the The Heart of Kenyan Running, Wong is the agent of the company in Hong Kong. He leads the group of leisure runners from Hong Kong to Kenya, designing specific atctivties for hong Kong guests in order to make sure they have the best experience ever in the land of the legendary champions of long distance running.

Wong's contribution to our project is very precious as he has acquired a good knowledge of Kenya, where he has been several times by now, learning the culture and tradition of the legendary Kenyan runners, visiting different places in the country and different training camps in the aerea of Iten, Eldoret and Ngong. Wong’s passion for running and Kenya has also brought him start up his own management company: since January 2018 ATP Sports Lts has been selecting upcoming Kenyan athletes to give them the chance to take part at the best marathon events in Asia.

Among Wong Ka Ming’s many Coach Awards we are proud to list the followings:

  • The "Abbott World Marathon Six Majors", as he has been the 12th Hong Kong runner to complete the six Majors in the world;
  • the 2007-2010 and the 2010-2014 Outstanding Community Coach Award (Athletics) by the Hong Kong Coaching Committee;
  • the 2016 (10 year) Long Service Award by the Hong Kong Amateur Association and the 2016 Triathlon Coach Award by the Hong Kong Triathlon Association

Wong is also a member of the Hong Kong Red Cross, he owns a Bronze Medallion Certificate by the Hong kong Life Saving Society, he is a Hiking Leader of the Hong Kong Outdoor Society and he owns the certificate as Adventure Based Activities Trainer in the Salvation Army of Hong Kong.