Hao is The Heart of Kenyan Running’s agent in China, C.E.O. OF his OWN company iTYAN, providing services for all sports outdoor experience around the world.

As an amateur runner, Hao has developed a strong passion for outdoor sports, athletics and training which brought him to closely follow the development of marathon in China. He has therefore soon realized that the legendary champions of distance running mainly come from the regions of Eastern Africa, in particularly Kenya. Fascinated by Kenyan runners’ supremacy in the major road running races in the world, Hao did not hesitated to start researching which the secrets lay behind the amazing results of African distance runners and had his first trip to Kenya in March 2017.

At that time, staying in Iten at the High Altitude Training Centre of Lornah Kiplagat, he met Chiara, The Heart of Kenyan Running co-founder, and enjoyed the gym training session held by Timothy Limo, Head Coach and co-founder of The Heart of Kenyan Running.

Once back home Hao decided to get in touch with Chiara and started planning some special trips to Kenya specifically designed for Chinese amateur runners and Chinese guests. “Africa is far and mysterious for Chinese people, I would like to offer them the chance to discover Kenya and the secrets of Kenyan running in safely and enjoyable way” Hao thought.

That is how Hao became an important member of The Heart of Kenyan Running team, being the main agent of the company in China, his own home country.


All Chinese guests interested in jumping on board and live their experience of a lifetime may contact Hao at iTYAN company website www.allsportsexperience.com


Besides being a runner, Hao has a keen interest in several sports: he can practice Kung Fu, Muay Thai as well as Taekwondo. As a lone rider, he also completed a cycling tour of Japan in 2013 camping from place to place.

In 2015 he successfully led a university student team on a mountain trip reaching the altitude of 4923m of Minya Kanka. In 2016, he led another student team on a trekking across the Shennongjia Forestry District, one of the most mysterious natural sites in China.


In his everyday life Hao has just completed his job as a university lecturer. In 2018 he founded the Haoworks Corporation providing design services. In the same year, after becoming a member of  The Heart of Kenyan Running, he also founed his own company iTYAN, providing sports and tourism solutions to Chinese runners and outdoor sports lovers.